In the last two decades, several other industries have adopted digitization and witnessed high growth of sales and revenue. The chemical supply and procurement industry has not witnessed any disruptive change in the last two decades. The processes involved in buying and selling of chemicals are long-drawn and time consuming.
There are 225 million chemicals registered in CAS Registry and everyday 15000 new chemicals get added.
Suppliers find difficult to fulfil buyers’ needs due to dynamic requirements
Not much option for customizability in the market
Chemical purity concerns or availability which can’t be guaranteed
Sourcing without timeline delays resulting in higher costs of procurement
Optimal purchase decisions becomes tough due to the dynamic needs
We strongly believe that chemical industry needs a service that would help buyers of chemicals procure products from multiple sellers without much hassle. Our team understands the problem at hand and wants to offer a unique experience to customers something will enable all the parties in the industry (buyers and sellers) digitize their sourcing process.
Carbanio’s goal is to create a channel for buyers where they have access to multiple sellers under one roof and have the power to select the option that works best. Buyers can rest be assured about the purity of the chemicals while comparing prices offered by various vendors. Carbanio lists chemicals that sellers already have in stock, thereby doing away with the whole waiting period where the buyer has to anxiously wait for two to three weeks for the seller to procure the requirement. Digital payments reduce the time needed to procure a certain chemical and we deliver to your doorstep, saving you from worrying about the shipping.
Carbanio works wonders for sellers as well by being a true sourcing partner for Small Quantity Chemicals and Bulk Quantity Chemicals. With guarantees for purity, sellers would be able to reach out to a global network on a platform that is trusted by both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you would have access to a larger market and receive customer feedback to help improve your services. Since the buying cycle is shortened, sellers can increase the volume of their business and profits!
Do you need anything else? Our team is happy to assist you with.