You can sell and buy all chemicals listed in the CAS registry that are readily available in stock with you.

No. The Carbanio platform allows selling only chemicals.

Carbanio is not an enquiry platform. If there is a new requirement from the buyer, then you will receive the requirement details.

Yes. Buyer can ask for a different weight and you can upload the new weight details for that product.

Yes. You can. During your registration process, please provide the relevant details and pricing is adjusted accordingly.

You can’t sell:

  • Chemicals listed by the International Narcotic Control Board (INCB).
  • Chemicals that need narcotic manufacturing or trading license.
  • Any other chemical which is used against the society or national security of the country you are selling from

Yes. Once you pack the chemical as prescribed by the local laws for domestic and international packaging, our logistics team will pick up the package from your warehouse location.

All transactions made within India, are paid and received in Indian rupees. All other transactions are paid and received in US dollars.

You can list multiple, readily available products for sale. The Carbanio platform provides an easy user interface to make your task easy. After logging in, click on Selling > Publish Products to upload either a single or list of products.

It’s easy. Depending on whether you want to update the price for one product or multiple products, this can be done by logging into Carbanio, click on Manage Products and follow the steps.

Once an order is received at a price, changes in pricing are not allowed for the ordered chemicals. However, if you want to change the price for future transactions, log on to Carbanio and update the prices. You can also seek our support to update the prices by paying additional charges.

There is no limit to the number of chemicals you can sell on Carbanio.

Within 6 hours of confirming your order, our logistics team arrives at your warehouse to pick up the package.

When you miss fulfilling the order for the first time, the Carbanio team will call you to understand your reason for non-fulfillment. When you miss it for the second time, Carbanio will initiate legal action.

Inform Carbanio proactively about the situation so that they can further communicate with the Buyer either to seek more time or arrange alternative purchase.

Carbanio mandates the selling of only readily available stock. Also, you should continuously update the inventory in Carbanio. This will help you sail through situations when the stock gets sold too fast.

Carbanio team calls you before placing an order with you. Therefore, if you take the order but can’t fulfill, your account will be suspended immediately.

Customer can refuse the product if the seller does not deliver the quantity and/or quality promised. For example,

If you are a seller and you have mentioned the quantity as 1kg and the purity as 99%. However,

if the buyer gets the product that does not weigh 1 kg and/or its purity is not 99%, then the buyer can return the product.

During such cases, as a Seller you have to pay the following charges to get the shipment back:

  • Service charge
  • Shipment charges
  • Taxes as applicable

You will receive:

  • Sale value
  • Taxes collected on the sale. You will have to remit the taxes to your government.

We will remit the taxes to your account. You will have to pay the taxes.

Yes, you can. To know more, write to us at [email protected]

  • Selling and buying chemicals banned by NADP.
  • Writing abusive comments in product reviews.
  • Providing false test results of chemicals when uploading the details of the chemicals.
  • Adding personal details such as your phone number and email addresses in the product review or feedback section

Once you upload your list of products, Carbanio will come to know of your location. Carbanio team will get in touch with you in case the area is not serviceable.

Write to us at [email protected]

Write to our support center at [email protected]

All disputes arising out of the transactions of Carbanio are subject to the laws of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

You will receive the cost of the chemical after deducting the Service charge

Yes. As long as you have Export License from your respective government, you will be able to export chemical products to other countries.

Carbanio assures the settlement of the purchase of your product.

Every country has pre-defined standards for packaging. Please follow only those standards so that the logistics team will not reject the product for shipping

Yes. Logistics person can refuse primarily because of two reasons

  • Lack of proper documentation
  • Improper packaging

You own the product and hence you and your business will decide the price.Please ensure that the price is inclusive of taxes.

No. The price which is displayed by you is the final price

No. As a seller you do not have to pay for the shipping.

The Carbanio platform displays the prices in your local currency. Thus, a US buyer and seller view prices in US dollars whereas a UK seller and buyer view prices in British pounds.

All purchases within a country and across any two countries are paid in US dollars. For example, if the buyer and seller are from the UK, the payment is made in US dollars. Likewise, if a US resident buys from a Japanese seller, the seller receives the payment in US dollars.

However, buyers and sellers in India can transact in Indian rupees (INR).

Service charge is the fee collected by Carbanio for providing the platform for conducting business. This is levied on each transaction that occurs on the platform.

The service charge is paid by:

  • When chemicals are priced at market price, the buyer pays the service charge.
  • When a chemical is bought at a discounted price, both the buyer and seller pay the service charge.
  • When a chemical is donated, the academia pays the service charge.

Need not worry. We are just an email away. Just write to us [email protected] and we will reply back to all your queries