Frequently Asked Questions

1I am an individual, can I source chemical from Carbanio?

No you cannot. Carbanio is a Business to Business Marketplace. Which means you need to have GST number.

You are a student/research scholar/professor, you need to provide a copy of your ID card while registering. Your registration will be approved if the ID provided is a genuine one.

2Can I know the brand of the chemical I am sourcing?

At Carbanio, we believe that every supplier is a brand.

Chemical requires certificate of analysis (COA) and as long as it is provided the supplier, it should be enough for a chemical purchase.

3What is the list of chemicals I can’t source?

You cannot source:
(1) Chemicals listed by the International Narcotic Control Board (INCB).
(2) Chemicals that need narcotic manufacturing or trading license.

4 How do I source on Carbanio?

To source on Carbanio:
You should be registered with Carbanio with a valid email ID.

5What do I do if I don’t find a chemical?

If you don’t find a chemical on our platform, you can create a new requirement to let the Suppliers know.

To create a new requirement:
(1) Click Quotations -> Ask for Quotations on the homepage.
(2) Fill in the details. Your request shows up on the Respond with a Quotation section on the homepage and all the registered Suppliers will be notified.

6What are the components of the payment I make?

The components of your payment are:
(1) Price mentioned on the platform + GST
(2) Standard Logistics charges (if applicable).

7What constitutes accepting a shipment?

Within 72 hours of receiving the shipment containing your order, check the chemical quantity and purity. If the shipment conforms to the quantity and purity mentioned in your order, you don’t have to do anything.

Important: If you have found challenges in the product quantity and quality within 72 hours, report the same to [email protected] to get in touch with the product investigation team.

8On what grounds can I return a shipment?

You can refuse a shipment within 72 hours after its arrival if it doesn’t conform to:
(1) Purity standards.
(2) Quantity purchased.
(3) Shipment damaged.

9 How do I check the purity of the chemical I received?

Upon receiving the shipment, take out some chemical and conduct the purity test in a lab. If the purity is not matching as per the COA provided by the supplier, email the test results to [email protected] and we will do the needful

10What happens if I find that the chemical doesn’t conform to the purity standard I ordered?

You can email us stating that you don’t want to accept the shipment. However, you should send us the test results. Also, the email should reach us within 72 hours of receiving the shipment.

When you reject a shipment, you have two options:
1. Get a replacement from the same supplier or
2. Get a refund.

11How do I activate a suspended account?

Write to our support center at [email protected]

12 What are the grounds for banning me from Carbanio?

(1) Asking for chemicals banned by NADP.
(2) Writing abusive comments in product reviews.
(3) Providing false test results for the chemicals received.
(4) Including personal phone numbers and email addresses in product reviews.

13What charges do I pay if I return a shipment?

You don’t pay any charges if you return a shipment. When you return, you can get a refund of the money, or you can opt for a replacement.

14What does the supplier do if I return a shipment?

The supplier is bound to give a replacement under our terms and conditions.

15What if my area is not serviced by your logistics team?

Carbanio automatically checks for serviceability of your area when you try to pay using the payment gateway. Your payment is accepted only if your area is serviced by our logistics team.

16What is the jurisdiction of a dispute?

All disputes arising out of the transactions of Carbanio are subject to the laws of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

17What are the modes of payment?

All kinds of payments are accepted, except wallets and COD are not available.

18Who pays shipping costs?

The source.

19How Do I Communicate with the Supplier?

You cannot communicate with the supplier directly. All the chemicals are published directly by the Suppliers in Carbanio including the prices. If the chemical which you would like to source is not available, then post your requirements in “Ask for a Quotation”.

20Can I negotiate?

Carbanio is not a negotiating platform, but a marketplace where you can source ready stock of Chemicals from Suppliers. All Chemicals are ready to be purchased directly on Carbanio and the prices are published directly by the Supplier.

21When I search for a Chemical, can I see the Chemical from multiple Suppliers in a single page?

Yes. You will see a Chemical listed by multiple Suppliers in a single page as Carbanio does not allow any preferential treatment towards a Supplier.

22Can I know the Supplier before purchasing the Chemical?

No. We do not display any Supplier information in the product details. But you will know the complete information of the Supplier when the purchase is made.

23How do I track the purchase?

As soon as the payment is made in Carbanio, you will receive a real time tracking link in your email

24Can I ask for samples for free of cost?

There is no concept of samples in Carbanio. You need to make payment for the chemicals you wish to source.

25Did not find what you are looking for?

Need not worry. We are just an email away. Just write to us [email protected] and we will reply back to all your queries.