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High Demand Speciality Chemicals from Manufacturers

  • 500 kg
    CAS No. 100-02-7

    Para Nitro Phenol

    ₹ 1.9 lacs

  • 10% OFF
    50 kg
    CAS No. 6994-25-8


    ₹ 4 lacs ₹ 3.6 lacs

  • 1 ton
    CAS No. 702-82-9

    3-Amino-1-Adamantanol or Vildagliptin Intermediate

    ₹ 45 lacs

  • 100 kg
    CAS No. 82640-04-8

    Raloxefene HCl

    ₹ 1 crores

  • 30% OFF
    500 mg
    CAS No. 13127-18-9

    Clarithromycin EP Impurity J

    ₹ 10,000 ₹ 7,000

Anniversary Offers


Catalogue Chemicals @ Competitive prices

  • 25% OFF
    500 g
    CAS No. 110-65-6


    ₹ 1,179 ₹ 884

  • 45% OFF
    500 g
    CAS No. 87-65-0

    2,6-DICHLORO PHENOL For Synthesis

    ₹ 3,954 ₹ 2,175

  • 45% OFF
    5 kg
    CAS No. 1415-93-6


    ₹ 2,722 ₹ 1,497

  • 100 g
    CAS No. 1072-97-5


    ₹ 850

  • 250 g
    CAS No. 66521-66-2


    ₹ 1.2 lacs

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Customer Voice

What they are saying about us

“Being a research scholar, it was a laborious task to find chemicals on time as the waiting period would take at least 3 months to get the chemical delivered. Carbanio is a boon for a research scholar like me. I can now buy chemicals sitting in my office and get them delivered to my doorstep with quality and quantity assurance from Carbanio. Kudos team!”

Pallavi Rao

BITS Pilani

“We were on the lookout for a specific product for the production of MAP Sulphate. We had approached few suppliers from abroad who gave us a delivery schedule after a month. We were on the verge of stopping our production. However, simultaneously we approached Carbanio who were quick to respond and helped us source the material from a local supplier for a very competitive pricing.”

Adarsh Shah

Cogent Life Sciences

“Most of the time, a high-quality research is not possible due to lack of chemicals & other supportive characterization facilities. Carbanio is solving this problem by not only bringing all the Suppliers of Chemicals but also enabling the payment for the chemical and delivering it to my place on time. I truly thank Carbanio and its team for the unique service offering % wish them continuous success.”

Dr. C. Ramesh Kumar

Vel Tech University

"Carbanio an online chemical Marketplace which is worthy to believe and trustable site. I have ordered a chemical from Carbanio and it was delivered in less than 7 days. I would recommend students, research scholars and universities/colleges to buy chemicals from Carbanio. Last but not the least thank you Carbanio for the kind service."

Sengkam Techi

Lovely Professional University

"We have saved over INR 3.9 Lacs by ordering Perchloric Acid Solution(0.1N) in Dioxane from Carbanio. The importing cost of the same Chemical and purity cost us 4Lacs and had to wait for 6 weeks "

Ravindra Pawar

Lupin Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

No you cannot. Carbanio is a Business to Business Marketplace. Which means you need to have GST number.

You are a student/research scholar/professor, you need to provide a copy of your ID card while registering. Your registration will be approved if the ID provided is a genuine one.

At Carbanio, we believe that every supplier is a brand.

Chemical requires certificate of analysis (COA) and as long as it is provided the supplier, it should be enough for a chemical purchase.

Yes. You will see a Chemical listed by multiple Suppliers in a single page as Carbanio does not allow any preferential treatment towards a Supplier.


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